Best Titanic Museums

March 7, 2017

Mary's husband, John Joslyn, was the co-expedition leader for the 1987 Titanic Expedition, the first to recover and restore artifacts from the ship’s wreck site. Mr. Joslyn assembled the best scientists and salvage experts available. This was the team that brought up, among other priceless artifacts, the small, aft Grand Staircase bronze cherub, (not to be confused with its larger brother from the forward GSC that is the subject of our work). The team collaborated with the distinguished French Institute for Research and Exploration of the Sea (Ifremer) to reach Titanic’s final resting place in the North Atlantic. Nautile, Ifremer’s deep-diving submersible, plunged to depths up to 12,500 feet and completed 32 deep-sea dives—the highest number of dives for any televised project. Mr. Josl