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buy the Titanic Grand Staircase Pineapple Finial in 2 sizes


image by Thomas Lamote

What collectors are saying about the Pineapple Finial

Titanic's forward Grand Staircase pineapple finials delineated.

Hello! ...thank you for this purchase!!! gorgeous! none for expressed my joy! ...I am so happy that I would repeat business with you. Thank you!

Thomas LaMote, FRANCE

This ornament is gorgeous!!! I read your card and you're making it so tempting to buy more lol. I will be making another purchase for sure. I am amazed and so happy with both your products so far. Thank you!

Ryan Brodie, AUSTRALIA

"I received the box of clocks and pineapples. Words cannot express the beauty of these items! They match my RMS Olympic Oak Panel beautifully!"  


Titanic items arrived this past Monday in perfect condition due to excellent packaging. The Titanic Clock, Pineapple Finials and Captain Smith in the iceberg are stunning. I cannot imagine my Titanic Room without these and I am very happy that they are now part of my Titanic Collection. I am a Carpenter by trade and I really appreciate all the detail of, not only of these items that just arrived, but in everything that you have created for us "Titanic " people.

Thank You Sir for Everything that you do!

James H. Van Dusen, Sterling Heights, MI

Full-sized replicas from Titanic's Grand Staircase are the work of sculptor Alan St. George.
Enjoy these intricately detailed Titanic Newel Post replicas in your own home.

Our full-sized Pineapple Finial cast from a genuine RMS Olympic finial at the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, UK is now available to collectors worldwide.

Complete Collection.jpg

image by Thomas Lamote

Collect all our RMS Titanic replicas from the Grand Staircase one-at-a-time.

Titanic Grand Staircase with clock, cherub lamp, and balustrades.

Visualization by Chase Junior

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