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Titanic Collectors Page

We love our Titanic collectors at


Our collectors are what we are all about so we are featuring YOUR collections, exhibits, and whatever you would like to share here. Please join us!

To send your IMAGES please use our direct email address:

Association Québecoise du Titanic (AQT) 105 Meeting in Montreal, Canada.

"Thank you" to Richard Lacombe (plaid shirt 2nd from right) for bringing the 21" cherub and pedestal to the 105 gathering Association Québecoise du Titanic ( AQT ) Meeting in Montreal Canada. "Special thanks" to Stephan Asselin (center behind cherub) for arranging this wonderful photograph of this amazing group of Titanic people! Thank you all so very much! Merci Beaucoup!


Collector Chad Sasso of NC, USA, placed his full-sized bronze cherub lamp replica in this unique staircase setting at his stunning home, winner of an RTF architecture award.


Thomas Lamote


Titanic collector of France Thomas Lamote

"Thank you" to my dear friend Thomas Lamote of France for these artfully arranged groupings of a portion of his Titanic collection.

Thomas Lamote Titanic collector
Thomas Lamote of France is a discerning collector of Titanic items.


Thomas Lamote (France) searched and found this glass dome for his bronze cherub lamp. We are always so very honoured to see how carefully and beautifully Tom displays his collection with supreme taste and style. C'est parfait! Merci beaucoup mon ami.

"Thank you" to my dear friend Thomas Lamote of France for these artfully arranged groupings of a portion of his Titanic collection.

Titanic collection of Rev. Jeff Dunkle.

Pastor Jeff Dunkle with a portion of his collection at Manheim Grace Brethren Church, including the Large Titanic Clock 1999 edition.  Read the article...

"Thank you" to Benjamin Kreft of Germany for this photo of a portion of his Titanic collection.

Benjamin Kreft Titanic collection
Titanic collection featuring my replica clock surrounded by the ship's Captain Smith and White Star Line miniatures.

"Thank you" Jonathan Nering for this shot of a section of his curio cabinet featuring the Medium Titanic Clock surrounded by other wonderful scale pieces.

Richard Lacombe, Quebec, Canada, Titanic collector.
Richard Lacombe, Quebec, Canada, Titanic collector.

Richard Lacombe of Quebec, Canada holding his Medium clock, and his Titanic cherub lamp on pedestal. (more below)

Titanic collection owned by James Van Dusen
Titanic Replicas from the Grand Staircase. Bronze Cherub flanked by Pineapple Finials owned by collector James Van Dusen of Michigan
Titanic collection owned by James Van Dusen

A big "Thank you" to Mr. James H. Van Dusen of Sterling Heights, MI for these (3) photos of his impressive and extensive collection.

Titanic Room of Stephan Asselin with Titanic clock and chandelier.

Thank you Stephan Asselin of Montreal, Canada, who is not only a collector, but a builder as well. Here are photos of his Titanic First-class room which includes both original chandelier and Cameron movie set chandeliers. (Stephan had to make modifications to that chandelier to render it more authentic to the ship's original) He recently added our Medium Clock to the space between the wall panels which is a perfect fit! Below the clock on the memorial shelf next to the rose is an actual wood fragment and a vial of rusticles from the RMS Titanic.

Titanic Room of Stephan Asselin with Titanic china and wood fragments. Captain Smith collectibles are among the porcelain pieces.

 Captain Smith figurines stand among an impressive collection of Titanic china replicas. The wall displays genuine wooden mouldings from the RMS Olympic, and Stephan's Titanic Dining Room doors can be seen in the background.

Stephan Asselin's beautiful entrance to his Titanic  Room is a tribute to his skilled hands. A photo of Captain Smith can be seen on the right.

 Stephan Asselin's beautiful entrance to his Titanic Room is a real tribute to his skilled hands. On the walls can be seen some of the props from James Cameron's TITANIC movie.

Luc Patenaude of Quebec with the Medium Titanic Clock replica given to him by his wife.

Luc Patenaude of Quebec was given this Medium Titanic Clock by his wife, Lyse. Behind him is a selection of his cherished Titanic artworks collection.

Charpentier collection includes: Honour and Glory Crowning Time

"What an amazing piece of work. I gave this to my wife as a birthday gift and she was utterly speechless. She is a Titanic fanatic, both the James Cameron's movie and historically. Since we've been married I have also become a fan and collector. We are turning our kitchen, entryway and breakfast nook into a memorial of sorts to the great ship. A few Christmases ago I got her a movie poster autographed by 14 actors, actresses, James Cameron and Celine Dion as well which hangs in our breakfast nook. We love this piece and hope to someday expand our collection with more created by you. Thank you so much! Take care and happy sculpting. :-)"

Cory Charpentier

There is nothing that pleases us more than learning that one of our items

was given as a gift. That is truly a joy! Lyse Patenaude gave a clock to her husband, Luc, (above) and here is another spouse gifting a clock. This time from husband, Cory Charpentier, to his wife, Emily:

Titanic collector Leon Butlin of Spain, large Honour & Glory clock.

"Thank you Alan for this amazing large titanic clock just arrived today now in my house in Spain good work amazing!"

Leon Butlin


"A jewel with great attention to detail. Today I could enrich my collection with this great TITANIC Cherub of Alan's work. Thanks a lot for this. A fantastic eyecatcher where you can enjoy again ever."

Heiko Hesse


RMS Titanic Bronze Cherub replica in the collection of Heiko Hesse, GERMANY
RMS Titanic Bronze Cherub replica in the collection of Heiko Hesse, GERMANY

"...A second view of the fantastic TITANIC Cherub. In the coming time, I will change my collection a little visually ..."

Heiko Hesse


Mr. Heiko Hesse collector from Germany.
Kelly Sampson wall of art is crowned by a Titanic clock replica in 1/6 scale.

"My new clock arrived today. Thank you Alan. I love it."

Kelly Sampson


Gavin Grier Titanic collection.

"These pieces of art are beautiful in my home . I turn the cherub on at every special occasion and we are about to use it to decorate for Christmas where it holds a special place on our fireplace for everyone to see! Thank you so much for these. I can’t wait to see what else you make!.

God bless!"

Gavin Grier


"Thank you so much for my amazing clock!!!  It is finally safe up on my wall. We decided on the top of the staircase and to keep the time at 2:20. It looks better in real life than the photo, but I wanted to send you the photo anyway! I really appreciate all your help! Thanks again. Everyday I see my clock makes me so happy! I will treasure it forever!"

Sara Jamsen


Item from the collection of Titanic enthusiast, Syndnei Vasconcelos, UK

"My clock's final resting place... I was BLOWN AWAY by how deeply carved those eagles are! Awesome! You got like the right hand of god! Thanks Alan."

Brandon Becker


"I'm absolutely impressed by the accuracy and stunning beauty of this piece of art, Alan!

It finally arrived today and I couldn't be more pleased. The details, beauty and elegance of this statue brings all the grandeur of Titanic era that we hold so dear and that you made it real with your talent and hard work.

Me & my partner as Titanic enthusiasts are delighted to possess it, and be certain that it will be cherished for many years to come!"

Sydnei Vasconcelos


Brandon Becker Titanic collectors Honour and Glory clock.

"Here is a picture I said I would send! It will look so much better when we get Pineapples for each end! I will order some in the next few months. She was absolutely thrilled with the clock and started crying when I surprised her with it!  She said I won Christmas!! Thanks for all the help and great job of the clock...absolutely amazing!


Thank you,"


Steven Blahut


Titanic china collection of Sohny Desrosiers with small scale Tianic cherub replica in the middle.

"Hello Mr St-George!

I take the time to write you these few words to thank you for the Titanic cherub lamp. This creation is of great finesse and exceptional quality. I am very very happy. She sat down with my collection of dishes from the White Star Line. I hope to come back soon to buy your other pieces !!

Thank you so much."



From the collection of:

Henning Hentrich Oettinger



From the collection of:

David & Laura Hatt

South Carolina



From the collection of:

Dada Heliková‎



From the collection of:

Larry Robinson



From the collection of:

Cathy Jutilla-Lamet

Washington, USA


"When I first saw it, I nearly started crying. It is the closest to Titanic’s glory that I will ever experience. I’m a Titanic researcher of over 20 years and I’ve never seen a replica so detailed and so accurate. Please continue with your artwork. It is nothing short of amazing. I will be ordering more items in the near future. Thanks again."

Joshua Allen Milford

Texas, USA

"The cherub arrived with the morning post. I am quite literally speechless. You are a truly gifted sculptor and craftsman. The cherub and pedestal are simply magnificent and will take a place of honour in my RMS Titanic collection. THANK YOU VERY much!!!
Kind regards,"

Konrad  Erich Dietrich

Calgary, CANADA


We are posting our own collection here until YOU SEND US YOURS!

Collection of replicas available from
Rhoda Mary Abbott's youngest son, Eugene Abbott, lost on Titanic. Extremely lifelike bronze bust of the 13 year-old victim of the disaster.


As sculptors in bronze, we are very honoured to be the 'temporary caretakers' of this fine bronze bust of Rhoda Mary Abbott's youngest son, Eugene. She continued to refer to Eugene as "my baby" for years after his death on Titanic. The work by "W.F." is extremely lifelike, considering the challenge of working only from photographs. It was exhibited at the Royal Academy circa 1914. If anyone knows the artist's full name, please contact us. We have it on a pyramid-shaped, Carrara marble pedestal. The wooden panel behind it is from sister ship RMS Olympic. It is flanked by our Dining Saloon caryatids. read more

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