The Grand Staircase replicas

in full-size and smaller scales

Historically accurate replicas from RMS Titanic's Grand Staircase by Alan St George
Titanic's Grand Staircase recreated for your home. An amazing replica to treasure for a lifetime.

This Is our 1:2 scale Grand Staircase.
It is more than 8 feet long and over 4 feet high!


See the 1:2 scale video presentation

Grand Staircase balustrade replica brings back the elegance of Titanic's Edwardian age.

Showcase your collection in "Grand Staircase style"

with this incredible backdrop

RMS Titanic balustrade now reborn in 1/2 scale for collectors everywhere!
Intricately detailed replica of RMS Titanic's balustrade with genuine 24k gold leaf.

From the banded laurel leaf moulding to the Louis XIV garlands and medallions

our Grand Staircase Balustrade replica in 1/2 scale is First-class all the way. No detail has been spared right down to the oak wood grain. We strived to make it the perfect backdrop for your Titanic artifacts, ephemera, and collectibles.

Choose gold paint or genuine 24 karat gold leaf (as shown).

24k gold leafed ornament on the Titanic balustrade replica is dazzling!

1/2 scale like our large clock

You'll feel like you have a piece of the RMS Titanic in your very own

home! The complete balustrade is nearly 3 feet long and over 2 feet tall.

What collectors are saying about the balustrade

I am so glad that I picked the 24 Carat Gold Leaf. I also love the Cherub Pedestal. It really completes the Titanic Cherub in a great way. Everything that I have received from you looks so much better in person than on the website. So much detail, they are all perfect!

I will be moving all these items to their permanent location soon and I will send photos when I have completed that task. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!

James H. Van Dusen, Sterling Heights, MI

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