Cherub Pedestal

Quarter-sawn White Oak built by a master carpenter to exact specifications of the original on the Olympic-class ships.

All wood with the exception of the "carvings" which were cast from an RMS Olympic pedestal in Ken Marchall's collection, and given a faux oak finish. This "beefy" pedestal is 36" high (91.44 cm) and weighs nearly 100 lbs. Built to last for the ages.

Alan St. George, Titanic sculptor, gives a talk at the Titanic Historical Society Convention 2018 on the cherub.
Titanic bronze cherub replica on quarter-sawn white oak pedestal at the Titanic Historical Society Convention in 2018.jpg

Showcase your small Cherub Lamp in "Grand Staircase style"

1:2 Cherub Pedestal

1:2 scale Cherub Pedestal

What collectors are saying about the Titanic Cherub Pedestal

In a word: MAGNIFICENT!  So beautiful your work...magic!

Thomas Lamote, FRANCE

I love the Cherub Pedestal. It really completes the Titanic Cherub in a great way. Everything that I have received from you looks so much better in person than on the website. So much detail, they are all perfect.!  I will moving all these items to their permanent location soon and I will send photos when I have completed that task. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!

James H. Van Dusen, Sterling Heights, MI

Carving out a great day...

Spending time on the front porch with my dogs on a beautiful day working on a new Titanic replica sculpture. Blessed!

Titanic sculptor Alan St George works on his Grand Staircase Cherub pedestal. Carving out a great day with some of his favorite things: My dogs, my front porch, coffee, and making a new sculpture.

Each side a different carving

A unique arrangement of fruits, flowers, and vegetables on all sides...just like the pedestals and newel posts on RMS Titanic/Olympic. Historical note: There were over 200 unique newel post facings on each of the sister ships!

Harland and Wolff

Master crafstman, Johan Jacob Gunter-Mohr, produced the rolled pencil sketches. During his career, he worked at Harland & Wolff and also Claridges and Selfridges. They are marked: Newell Panels. (also spelled 'newel') and are very reminiscent of what is seen on Olympic and Titanic but not identical so it is unknown which ship they hail from. The size is 2ft. 8ins. and 3ft. 9ins., which should be about full size for a panel on a newel post and could be used for tracing the design directly to the wood surface.

The flat sketch is from RMS Titanic/Olympic newel posts. It is believed to be the work of Johan Jacob Gunter-Mohr or someone from his studio.

Titanic The Titanic Cherub Pedestal is coming soon!

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