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Titanic sculptor Alan St George is the founder of

Titanic sculptor Alan St George with his recreation of the Grand Staircase is the founder of

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A life creating the great art of the past










Alan St. George began with a classical training in art from The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. He started his first company, Facemakers, Inc., at the age of 19. Alan and his late wife, Adrianne Blue Wakefield-St George, dedicated much of their lives to the restoration and expansion of Havencrest Castle, their turn-of-the-century hilltop home in Savanna, Illinois. Alan covered the walls and ceilings with his sculptures and murals, recreating the art of the past, so popular with the Victorians and Edwardians. This naturally led to a keen interest in the RMS Titanic, the great ship of the Edwardian Age, and in particular the Grand Staircase and the first class appurtenances...  more


Titanic Clock produced by Facemakers, Inc. Titaniclock®
Alan St George sculptor
Alan St George sculpture

Havencrest Castle

Facemakers corporate office

Havencrest Castle | Savanna IL

Havencrest Castle

Facemakers corporate office and

home of

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