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Sculpting Titanic's Clock (full size)

Replica materials plan for full-sized Titanic clock

 White Oak with Castings

Charles Wilson's Honour and Glory Crowning Time at Southampton's Sea City Museum (left). The color-keyed version on the right depicts the materials used for the replica.

Titanic Sculptor Alan St George measures RMS Olympic's H&G at Southampton in preparation for making a full-sized recreation.

Nearly 3 meters high

Alan St. George visiting Southampton's Sea City Museum in April 2017 to measure, study, and photograph RMS Olympic's "Honour and Glory Crowning Time." It is believed to be carved by Charles Wilson circa 1910, and stood on the ship's Grand Staircase until 1935. The replica will be 112 inches high just like the original.

Tracing th archival outline of the RMS Olympic's H&G to the wooden work surface.

Honouring Charles Wilson

Nothing brings an artist closer to an era than retracing that original master work. Here a projection of the RMS Olympic's "Honour & Glory Crowning Time" outline is transferred to the wooden work surface.

Titanic Honour and Glory panel in progress at Havencrest Castle.

The Full-sized clock begins

All of the portions of the replica that will be castings are first sculpted in clay. Then the quarter-sawn white oak framework and other wood portions of the clock are hand-made.

NEW longer video on full-sized clock

Titanic sculptor Alan St. George at work on the full-sized Honour & Glory clock panel.
Alan St. George Titanic sculptor flanked by his full-sized recreation of Honour and Glory.

Honouring & Glory figural panel

SCULPTURE: Begun 8-30-17. Finished 11/15/17.

Titanic Honour & Glory figural panel sculpture on its way to the mold-maker.

Off to the mold-maker

November 15, 2017

"Honor & Glory Crowning Time" recreated clock by Titanic sculptor Alan St. George

The Cast H&G Figural Panel

Painted, stained, and grained in a 'Maiden Voyage" faux oak finish (April 26, 2018)

"Honor & Glory Crowning Time" recreated clock by Titanic sculptor Alan St. George
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