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Captain Smith: THE ICEBERG PORTRAIT by Alan St. George

Carved into the iceberg that destroyed his ship

Captain Edward John Smith appears to be carved into the ice that was his nemesis and tragic downfall. The White Star Line flag is subtly rendered on the left lower side. The artist began this sculpture by studying a photo of the actual iceberg that the Titanic struck,  and heightened it for dramatic effect.


Specs and details

Cast solid in museum quality resin.


Semi-transparent FROSTED SEAFOAM.


7" x 3.5" x 5.5" tall

2 pounds


Captain Edward J Smith
The iceberg that took down the RMS Titanic.


Titanic Captain EJ Smith carved into the iceberg. Lighted version creates a range of emotion in colored lights shining up into the sculpture.

Believed to be a photo of the actual iceberg that the Titanic struck.

Titanic items arrived this past Monday in perfect condition due to excellent packaging. The Titanic Clock, Pineapple Finials and Captain Smith in the iceberg are stunning. I cannot imagine my Titanic Room without these and I am very happy that they are now part of my Titanic Collection.I am a Carpenter by trade and I really appreciate all the detail of, not only of these items that just arrived, but in everything that you have created for us "Titanic " people.

Thank You Sir for Everything that you do!

James H. Van Dusen, Sterling Heights, MI

What collectors are saying...

Wow, what can I say that you 've probably not heard before? I've just received the Captain Smith Iceberg sculpture and the Grand Staircase Pineapple Finial. The fine details that you've put into these items are amazing!! These will be the talking point to those who will see my collection in the future. I can't wait to receive the Cherub."

Ricky Fitzsimons, GREAT BRITAIN

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