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TitanicClock Channel

TitanicClock Channel Introduction

Resurrecting Titanic's Goddess

Recreating Titanic's Sculptural Icons

Making Titanic's Clock

Making Titanic's Cherub (FULL SIZE)

RMS Titanic Grand Staircase replicas

Ken Marschall and Alan St. George Capturing Olympic/Titanic History

Our Largest RMS Titanic Grand Staircase Clock

Large Titanic: "Honour and Glory Crowning Time" clock

Our "Medium" size clock from the RMS Titanic Grand Staircase

Small Titanic "Honour & Glory" clock

Titanic Pineapple Finial

RMS Titanic Cherub Pedestal

Full-sized Titanic Clock Creation (short)

Captain Smith and the Iceberg

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