Titanic Memorials

"It is an honour to offer cremation urns to fellow RMS Titanic enthusiasts and their loved ones. My own final resting place for my late wife and myself is in the stages of creation."

(see working design below)

Titanic Memorial design for Alan St George's final resting place.  The cremation urn flanked by full-sized bronze Titanic cherub lamps. The black ceramic urn is decorated with a porcelain gardenia, Mrs St George's favorite flower, and oak leaves, acorns, representing Mr. St. George's favorite tree.

The black ceramic and bronze cremation urn is flanked by a pair of full-sized bronze Titanic cherub lamps. The urn is decorated with porcelain gardenias, (Mrs. St George's favorite flower) and oak leaves with acorns, (Mr. St. George's favorite tree).


A bronze dolphin supports the urn, and everything rests on a marble side-altar obtained from a former Catholic church. (we both were Catholics in our youth)

Our portraits and motto: "Semper Nos"  decorate the front. "Semper Nos" conveys the idea that marriage goes beyond life.

This ensemble will be located in a memorial niche adjoining the east end of Havencrest's  "Beaux Arts Ballroom."

Sculpting the Titanic Cherub. Alan St George puts finishing details on his smallest Titanic cherub sculpture.

Sculpting the small cherub model for the full-sized cherub. Most people may not realize Titanic's cherub lamp was 4.5 feet high.

Explore the full-sized cherub here.

Titanic Memorial Cremation Urn in Oak and bronze

 Tall oak


Handcrafted cremation urns offer loved ones a very personalized, and highly dignified final resting place, reflecting a life's passionate interest in Titanic.


Each urn is made of solid oak or walnut wood by a professional urn craftsman in the USA. These wooden urns, surmounted by the Titanic's famous cherub lamp results in an elegant and highly personalized urn.

Both styles have flat sides allowing for as much or as little personalization as desired. Walnut model holds a votive to highlight engraving, photo image, ship, insignia, etc.

$798  with cold cast resin cherub lamp

$2898  with bronze cherub lamp.

420 cubic inch (oak) and 240 cubic inch (walnut) bottom-loading urns with removable base to easily and securely insert cremations. Shown styles are adult-sized urns with a capacity of up to 420 lbs (oak) and up to 240 lbs (walnut model).

Walnut Titanic memorial cremation urn with Cherub Lamp and votive