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Resin 13" Cherub

Sculpting the Titanic Cherub. Alan St George puts finishing details on his smallest Titanic cherub sculpture.

"Old School" has advantages

We don't use digital scanning and printing technology to make other sized versions of our replicas. That means each time we sculpt anew, studying all references, re-measuring, avoiding errors made the first time, and getting A LITTLE BIT CLOSER.


Ken Marschall

"You do wonderful work! In an increasingly sloppy, careless, inattentive world, your detailed creations stand alone. I urge everyone to check out his website to see some amazing craftsmanship."


Alan St George presents his smallest Titanic cherub lamp sculpture yet.

The little cherub clay sculpture is 13 inches tall (33 cm) including the flame and base. It will serve as the maquette for the full-sized version to come. In addition, this little guy is offered in resin.

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