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Titanic sculptor Alan St George and his finished full-sized bronze cherub lamp replica with 24 karat gold torch. The tiny scale model on the left was completed 8 months earlier to prepare for the large sculpture.


The full-sized cherub is now offered with 24k gold torch
Alan St. George surveys his sculpture of the historically accurate FULL-sized Titanic cherub lamp (with optional 24 karat gold-leafed torch).  10 of the 19 pieces are already gone. details...

Titanic cherub lamps by Alan St George

21" and 13" cherubs compared

NOW                                1911

What collectors are saying about the Titanic Cherub Lamp

Mr. Heiko Hesse collector from Germany.

The Titanic Cherub Lamp has arrived! It is so beautiful and detailed it is hard to believe. How grand it is in my Titanic room. It has a place of honor next to my Titanic model. I am so very glad that I purchased it.

James H. Van Dusen, Sterling Heights, MI

A  jewel with great attention to detail. Today I could enrich my collection with this great TITANIC Cherub of Alan's work. Thanks a lot for this. A fantastic eyecatcher where you can enjoy again ever.

Heiko Hesse, GERMANY

My wife is over the moon with the quality and presence of the bronze statue. I also admire the quality, design, and workmanship.

Brian Nicholson, GREAT BRITAIN

NEW video on FULL-sized BRONZE cherub

Mr. Larry Robinson collector from Canada.

I recieved the cherub today! Congrats on the excellent research and moldings,  which
have produced the Titanic repilca Cherub in all its Glory! The casting is breathtaking to say the least!


The (bronze) lamp is beautiful, and I will be purchasing other items from your Titanic Collection at a later date. Thanks,

Jeana Murawske, USA

Mr. Thomas Lamote collector from France.

I am happy happy happy ... great job!  What a great talent!  "Cameron's" work next to you is not the same! Nothing to do with your more beautiful and identical to the original! Thank God! What luck your country and even the world to have you!!! This incredible artistic beauty!!!  You are the best!!!  What luck to hold this cherub! Thank you very much!

Thomas Lamote, FRANCE

Titanic collector Richard Lacombe

I Just received this magnificent piece of art. Thanks, Alan!

Richard Lacombe, CANADA

I picked up the Cherub from customs today. That is really a Titanic Dream coming true.

Awesome work!

Christoph Ringleb, GERMANY

Benjamin Kreft of Munich, Germany. Titanic collector.

Be sure this piece of art will make me happy and wondering every time I have a look at it. So thank you once again very much, and please don't stop to do this wonderful work.

Benjamin Kreft, GERMANY

I received my statue on Friday. (13") Absolutely love it! I placed it in front of a Gilded Age style mirror with an oak frame similar to the oak on the Grand Staircase. Appreciated the card as well. Keep up the great work. Thank you again!

Robert Warren, USA

Titanic collectors Cherub Lamp Pedestal museum quality replica
Titanic collector Sydnei Vasconcelos of the United Kingdom

I'm absolutely impressed by the accuracy and stunning beauty of this piece of art, Alan!

It finally arrived today and I couldn't be more pleased. The details, beauty and elegance of this statue brings all the grandeur of Titanic era that we hold so dear and that you made it real with your talent and hard work.

Me & my partner as Titanic enthusiasts are delighted to possess it, and be certain that it will be cherished for many years to come!

Sydnei Vasconcelos, UNITED KINGDOM

Alan St. George researches the Versailles statue by Pierre Granier "L'enfant avec la torche" which  is the Titanic cherub lamp prototype.
Dan Rest, respected Chicago photographer takes 250 photos all around Pierre Granier's "L'enfant avec la Torche" at Versailles.

Titanic cherub's Royal prototype

Pierre Granier's L'enfant avec la Torche on Le Parterre d'Eau at Versailles is a near twin (though larger) to the Olympic/Titanic cherubs. Alan St. George measures the height, while respected Chicago photographer, Dan Rest, takes 250 photos all around the statue across the extremely long Bassin du Nord with a telephoto lens.

The lost art of the Titanic is reborn in the works of sculptor Alan St George
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