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BRONZE FULL-SIZED electrified cherub

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Full-sized sculpture of the Grand Staircase cherub lamp by Titanic sculptor Alan St George.

Limited edition in bronze of 19 pieces worldwide. Signed and numbered by the artist, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity.

Torch is burnished bronze, or upgrade to 24 karat gold finish. Glass flambeau shade, dark bronze fitter, electrified in USA system. Adapter supplied if you need a different system. Crated for shipment $10,974 f.o.b. Savanna, Illinois USA.            Reserve yours

Titanic painter Ken Marschall, and Titanic sculptor Alan St George at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California

"Oh, wow, Alan... It's just incredible. You're doing it right... for the first time since the original sculptor circa 1911. Fabulous job!

Alan, Absolutely exquisite!! Once again I compulsively let out a chuckle of disbelief as I viewed these photos. After decades of seeing oddly "off" and outright laughable attempts at this, it is so immensely satisfying to see someone pay such close attention to the archival references and do it right.


I'm almost speechless. The care and realism of the body are admirable enough, but the detail you have in the hair and the base...Just fabulous. Beholding this creation is almost like savoring the most delicious meal imaginable. So cathartic to see you accomplish this. In the beginning I thought you might be able to do it, but you have exceeded all hopes. Hearty congratulations!"


Full-sized bronze Grand Staircase cherub lamp by Titanic sculptor Alan St George.
Detail of full-sized bronze Titanic cherub with 24 karat gold torch

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