Titanic Pigeon Forge

I had a FANTASTIC time at the Titanic exhibition in Pigeon Forge last Wednesday! It has been a few years since I went through this great venue in Tennessee. It is always a moving and enlightening experience. All of the 'crew members' are uniformed in proper Edwardian style, and your ticket is a 'Boarding Pass' with an actual historical passenger's name and story. I was given Harry Widener. It was easy to identify with his love of beauty, culture, and good workmanship. Mr. Widener also collected rare books and fine art. How tragic to have his life ended at age 27 on the RMS Titanic.

The artifacts and exhibits are world class. I am proud to have our museum quality replicas in the gift shoppes at both this location in Pigeon Forge, TN and also the Branson, MO museum attraction. Both locations are owned by Mr. John Joslyn, who in 1987, went on a 6 million dollar expedition to the site of the sinking. His team’s mission was to explore the wreckage, retrieve artifacts and film the broken remains. They dove to the site 32 times in a 20 million dollar submersible.

Here are our friends Lori and Mary posing beneath one of our clocks. This outstanding venue is a highly recommended visitor experience for the whole family. Don't miss it! What a great thing to do this spring or summer. Ticket info:



Titanic Museum Grand Staircase at Christmas with clock replicas from the gift shoppe.

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