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Eternal Bronze (cherub)

Art takes time, it's true. But art made of bronze can last thousands of years. We have bronze artifacts from as early as the 5th millennium BCE.

The base of the famous Titanic cherub was recovered from the ocean floor in excellent condition as shown here. Its much smaller brother from the aft staircase was found sans foot and light, but otherwise in very good shape.

Since over 5,500 artifacts, (some as small as a hairpin) have been recovered, then a meter tall bronze cherub would not be easy to overlook...unless buried. It is hard to know what exact path it took as the great ship shifted and sunk. After breaking loose from its base, it may have slid, bounced, and rolled until it lodged into a corner of the ship, entombed by the debris that followed it. The notion that it may yet be recovered someday, pushed me to be as accurate as possible with the recreation from the existing images, data, and experience making cherubs.

So here then are the waxes for our Bronze Titanic Cherub. No matter how often I see the foundry cut up my sculptures, I still find it a bit unsettling. In the end, when the bronze pieces are welded, chased, and patinated, I am happily 'relieved' by the beautiful results. The following list shows we are up to step #5 in the process.

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