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Honour and Glory with Gay Pride

I love the Victorian and Edwardian ages for their 'high art' sensibilities. The architecture, sculpture, paintings, and interiors of the Gilded Age fill a couple of hundred books at my home, in Havencrest Castle's library. They have inspired my work for 40 years.

Unfortunately, the historical record for this period shows us many examples of callousness to social issues. In many ways, the Titanic tragedy illustrates the great divide at that time, between the economic classes, genders, and more. It almost seems that social barriers were built with stronger steel than that used to build the great ship.

Perhaps some people today will cringe when they see Honour and Glory wrapped in a gay pride flag, just as our Edwardian forebears would have. I'll admit I enjoy speculating about what certain passengers would have thought about sexual orientation equality. Molly Brown, as depicted in James Cameron's TITANIC certainly seems like she

was against all social barriers. The real Margaret Brown had her own uphill climb to enter Denver society. Even with her husband's gold mines.

In those days, ANY sexual subject would not have been readily discussed in public, unless perhaps in a court room. Oscar Wilde's well known "Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name" trial occurred just 17 years before the RMS Titanic sailed. As a result, he was financially ruined, and the 2 year sentence at hard labor in prison for his 'indecency' destroyed his health and shortened his life. By April 15, 1912, not too much had changed.

But this little custom project of mine was a happy one. It was made as a Christmas gift for one of my best friends. He loves the pride flag, and his favorite color is blue. I'm so proud of him. He is smart, hard-working, talented, and best of all, a heck of a nice guy. This rare individual now has a rare clock, which is quite fitting. It is the only Gay Pride Titanic clock in the world. Well, at least until someone else decides to order one.


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