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Let Them Eat Titanic Cake

I was digging through some files and came across this photo of a cake that my late wife, Adrianne, had our local bakery make to celebrate the release of the first edition of the Large Titanic Clock back in 1999. The cake decorators somehow took an image of the clock and with edible inks reproduced it on the cake. Some of you out there probably know how it's done. I thought it was pretty remarkable at the time...and delicious! My favorite foods: Lobster tail followed by cake. Unfortunately, I rarely eat either one of them anymore. But I have the fondest memories!

Adrianne threw an elaborate, Edwardian-style dinner for friends in the Flemish Renaissance Dining Room here at Havencrest Castle. The cake and coffee were presented in the Russian Rococo Library, as I paraded the actual clock around the room so guests could get a closer look at it. It was gratifying when our dear friends, the late Dr. & Mrs. Eugene L. Vickery, insisted on buying one on the spot and had me sign the back of it. They were not even Titanic enthusiasts, but were the kindest people that always supported everying we did. Every charity, every event, The Vickerys were there complimenting and cheering us on. We all have people like that in our lives. Maybe they are our families. Maybe they are the families we have chosen along the way. In any case, hold them in your heart and cherish them always. They are your champions and will see you through the good times and the bad because they will stick with you and believe in you. And as for the detractors in your life...let them eat cake!

The Flemish Renaissance Dining Room at Havencrest Castle

The Russian Rococo Library at Havencrest Castle

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