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Corner detail of Alan St. George's largest Titanic clock with architectural surround.
Titanic clock griffins and cartouche.

For the serious collector of rare items.

1:2 scale replica of Titanic's famous clock

What collectors are saying about our largest clock

"I received my Titanic Clock and of course, I had to open it immediately to view the contents! WOW doesn't even begin to tell you how pleased I am with the beauty of this piece you created! Thank you again. I would say this is the best Christmas/birthday gift I have given myself."

Veronica Hoard USA

"I was BLOWN AWAY by how deeply carved those eagles are! It's AWESOME! :-)"

Brandon Becker, Kentucky USA

Brandon Becker Titanic collectors Honour and Glory clock.

"Today I would like to thank you very much for the perfect delivery of these great surround parts for the clock. It is overwhelming. These whole many small details, structures, etc. just incredible. Thank you for these beautiful parts. I will now find a worthy place and arrange it accordingly. I will report back to you as soon as I have set this grandiose clock correctly ... (maybe I still find room for the balustrades). Until then, I wish you all the best.."

Heiko Hesse GERMANY

RMS Titanic clock on a contemporary staircase

"It sure is beautiful. I've been looking at the details...they're stunning."

Steve Hurst, Georgia USA

"Everything has arrived and is perfect! I can't thank you enough for my precious gift!  I will treasure it forever!  Words can't express how happy we are. It is amazing. Alan has been a wonderful person to deal with and a man of his word! We can't thank you enough. Everyday I see my clock makes me so happy! I will treasure it forever!"

Sara Jamsen  AUSTRALIA

"Thank you so much for my amazing clock!!!  It is finally safe up on my wall. We decided on the top of the staircase and to keep the time at 2:20. It looks better in real life than the photo, but I wanted to send you the photo anyway! I really appreciate all your help! Thanks again. Everyday I see my clock makes me so happy! I will treasure it forever!"





If you bought our 1:2 scale Honour & Glory Clock anytime between 1999 and now, you can get the complete architectural surround. Nothing like this has ever been available before! Approx. 1/2 size the original on Titanic. Compare to our 1/6 scale shown in image above. Order it complete WITH CLOCK or purchase the SURROUND ONLY.

1:2 scale Titanic Clock with Surround

See the video presentation



Each piece is keyhole drilled

Ready to hang on your wall.

SEE the YouTube video for 2 simple methods of hanging this clock:

Titanic sculptor Alan St. George uses a magnifier to detail a cherub's head on the crowning piece of the Grand Staircase clock's architectural surround.

The crowning piece of the large architectural surround nears completion. Alan St. George uses a magnifier to detail a final of the cherub capitals. . Photo references include the RMS Olympic's  "Honour and Glory Crowning Time" at Southampton's SeaCity Museum. The Olympic's clock in its present state has many layers of paint, so it is important to also use photos circa 1910 sans  paint. Since no light is better than daylight for detail work of this kind, and it is a lovely season, sculpting is being done on the front porch of the sculptor's home:  Havencrest Castle.

Detail of our largest RMS Titanic clock. Detail of the crowning piece shows the exacting nature of this work.
RMS Titanic clock detail shot of the upper section with cherub head capital.


(as seen here)

Our largest Titanic clock. A detail of the bottom section of the architectural surround.
The 1/2 scale RMS Titanic clock. Detail of the bottom piece shows the exacting nature of this work.
Havencrest Castle in July 2016. A close inspection reveals Titanic sculptor Alan St. George's sculpture of the RMS Titanic clock in progress on the front porch.

A lovely July afternoon highlights the gardens of the artist's hilltop home. Close inspection will reveal that sculpting is in progress on the front porch.

Alan St George sculptor/founder of poses with his 1/2 scale replicas from The Grand Staircase.
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