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The Titanic Cherub's Flame and the Titanic Pineapple Finial



The cherub is at the bronze foundry...but the custom cast acrylic flame is here! It has a beautiful frosted-glass effect, but less fragile. The flame stands 4 inches tall. The cherub figure is in 1/2 scale in keeping with the 1/2 scale of our Large Titanic Clock, (and the Pineapple Finials as well). I would guess the glass flame (flambeau) on the Titanic's original cherub was about 8" tall. Only 5" and 8" shades are on the market today, so I had to custom sculpt this 4" one just for our cherub.



Here at my home, Havencrest Castle, I have one of those early flambeau glass shades. It is part of an allegorical statue of my late wife, Adrianne, representing Night, which I sculpted in the 80s. That glass flame shade is 8" tall. Here you see the Winter Cherub trying to blow out the Torch of Night. Poor fool! No one can blow out Adrianne's light. She lit this whole castle with her beauty, humour, charm, and grace. In heaven she only burns brighter.


They are currently being cast and will be available at the end of the month. They are of artist's high quality resin, then sand-filled for weight so they will be ideal as a bookend. The bottom is sealed and then felt covered. They will have the same antiqued red oak finish as our clocks. The detail of the carving and the wood grain is remarkable. There will be a special introductory price for a pair but you can use it as a 'single' to hold up your Titanic books in a book shelf or against the wall. Go dramatic with a pair to hold your books up anywhere! Images coming soon. (pre-order the finials)

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