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Dear Alan,


I just finally got the parcel !!! and it was worth waiting for...

OMG HOW GORGEOUS !!! Even better than photographs!!!

I can't wait to buy a few other things,  Antoine  Thinat       FRANCE

Historically accurate replicas from the RMS Titanic's Grand Staircase by Alan St George

image by Thomas Lamote

Collect all our RMS Titanic replicas from the Grand Staircase one-at-a-time.

I just received my clock today, and I have to tell you it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!  I was very impressed by everything from the great packaging, to how easy it was to get the clock working, and how it looks and feels like real oak!! Absolutely astonishing! I really feel like I have a piece of Titanic in my hands here!

Jonathan Nering

Ozark, MO, USA

(Medium Titanic Clock)

I received it today - the large clock type. A great piece of history in an excellent replica. Thank you so much. ☺☺

Heiko Hesse


(Large Titanic Clock)

Titanic items arrived this past Monday in perfect condition due to excellent packaging. The Titanic Clock, Pineapple Finials and Captain Smith in the iceberg are stunning. I cannot imagine my Titanic Room without these and I am very happy that they are now part of my Titanic Collection. I am a Carpenter by trade and I really appreciate all the detail of, not only of these items that just arrived, but in everything that you have created for us "Titanic " people.

Thank You Sir for Everything that you do!

James H. Van Dusen, Sterling Heights, MI

Titanic Clock replicas in scale relationship to each other

Our RMS Titanic replicas shown in correct size relationship to each other. Click image to enlarge

Collection of replicas available from

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