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Titanic sculptor Alan St George puts finishing touches on the Grand Staircase replicas in Golden Oak custom color

RMS Titanic handcrafted replicas Made-to-Order

RMS Titanic Made-to-order Handcrafted Replicas. Just ask us!
RMS Titanic Made-to-order Handcrafted Replicas. Just ask us!

"Christmas  Clock" and "Gay Pride Clock" are among the custom painted clocks we have made.

Special Colors


• Maybe you want another color of woodtone.

• Maybe you want your favorite color.


We've recently made this entire order of our replicas in  Golden Oak  for a Canadian collector to match his piece of authentic wood from the RMS Olympic, Titanic's twin sister ship.

(see his comment )


For a surcharge you can choose Golden Oak  instead of our standard Red Oak  color.

(the surcharge is to cover the cost of re-painting

and re-staining our existing inventory)

Hello Alan:  
 I received the box of clocks and pineapples. Words cannot express
the beauty of these items! They match my Olympic Oak Panel beautifully!


Larry Robinson

Canadian Titanic Society

Titanic cherub pedestal in golden oak finish (custom color).

Our largest clock with complete architectural surround done in special color: "Golden Oak" aka "Cameron Oak"

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