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Havencrest Castle's

"Semper Nos"

This 8 foot tall relief sculpture by Alan St. George is in the sculptor's own home, Havencrest Castle. Like the pilasters from the RMS Titanic, it is based on some Renaissance Arabesque motifs. Sculpted by Alan St. George in 1996, the swans at the bottom were used here because they are creatures that "mate for life." Unlike the highly stylized swans of RM Titanic and Olympic pilasters, these are depicted more realistically.


The portraits of the St. Georges are enframed by a heart built of gardenias (her favorite flower) and oak leaves (his favorite tree). Above them burns an eternal flame beneath a large crown. The crown signifies 'aspirations to noble thoughts and actions.' It is flanked by drapery swags not so unlike Titanic's pilaster, though less formally rendered.


The cherubs are a reference to Adrianne's lifetime collection of cherubs, and they hold up a banner with the St. Georges personal motto: Semper Nos. From the early days of their marriage, this Latin phrase was used by the St. Georges on stationery, and they incorporated it in paintings, sculptures, and stained glass. Translated from the Latin it means "Always Us" and was their expression for "Love and marriage going on beyond life."

Relief Sculpture of Mr. and Mrs. Alan St. George at Havencrest Castle entitled: "Semper Nos"
RMS Titanic's Dining Room Caryatid Pilaster (detail) as recreated by sculptor Alan St. George

Detail of recreation of RMS Titanic's  Dining Room

caryatid pilaster. Shows the stylized twin swans.

Detail of a relief sculpture of Mr. and Mrs. Alan St. George at Havencrest Castle entitled: "Semper Nos"

Detail of  Havencrest Castle  sculpture by Alan St George

Havencrest Castle in Savanna, Illinois

Havencrest Castle  in Savanna, IL

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