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RMS Titanic

1st-class Dining Saloon

Caryatids (heads and pilasters)

Our full-sized recreations of both the heads and the pilasters/columns required a great deal of research and work. To bring back these unobtainable items from both Olympic's and Titanic's First-class Dining Saloons, we were aided by our friends in the Titanic community and English Heritage with historical images. This was enormously helpful and much appreciated.

​Complete Caryatids:

Hand cast in museum quality white resin.

6 feet 4 inches high by 12 inches wide.

(1.93 meters tall x 30.48 cm wide)

Keyhole drilled for hanging. Superbly handcrafted quality guaranteed. (3 pieces)

Reborn for your collection!

Meticulously researched

Titanic Dining Saloon God and Goddess Caryatids
Titanic Dining Saloon God Head
Titanic Dining Saloon Goddess Head

Heads are available without the pilasters/columns, if you desire. Heads: 24" high x 12" wide x 8" deep (61 cm x 31 cm x 18 cm)

Titanic Dining Saloon God and Goddess Caryatids

International shipping available.

1:2 scale will fit anywhere

Our 1/2 scale recreations of both the heads and the pilasters/columns will fit any home or office.

Titanic Dining Room Caryatids are brought back from the past in handcrafted replicas.

Items available separately

Order pilasters and heads separately. Each piece cast in white, museum-quality resin. The complete sets when installed will be nearly 3 feet tall! (34.5 inches x 5.25 inches) Big enough to impress, yet small enough to fit into any home. The backs are keyhole drilled for easy hanging. Complete satisfaction is always guaranteed on all of our handcrafted museum-quality replicas.

RMS Titanic/Olympic Dining Room Goddess Head is reborn for collectors.
Titanic Dining Saloon Caryatids reborn for your collection.
RMS Olympic Dining Room Pilaster and Modern Recreation.

Display your dinnerware

The heads are keyhole drilled on the back to hang on your wall. GREAT displayed with your Titanic dinnerware!

Just ask us and we will rout out a plate rest (groove) for you at no extra charge.


They belong together!

What collectors are saying

In one word: MAGNIFICENT! I add even: MAGIC! Always so happy! Thank you very much!

Thomas Lamote FRANCE



...words cannot describe how beautiful and perfect these are. I have seen the photos, but, they are so much better to see and hold in person.


Sir, your work is beyond compare, so much detail.  No one else could have done a finer job than these" works of art".

I have purchased many items thru eBay from England and other countries, nothing was ever packaged as greatly as these items were. As I was unpacking, I kept thinking to myself how carefully they were in the boxes.  When I finally opened the finished products, I could see the need for all the care and work that went into them.


Sir, Great Job !!!



James H. Van Dusen


Our Titanic goddess head is the perfect way to display your Titanic dinnerware.
Our Titanic goddess head is the perfect way to display your Titanic dinnerware.
Rhoda Mary Abbott's youngest son, Eugene Abbott, lost on Titanic. Extremely lifelike bronze bust of the 13 year-old victim of the disaster.


We are very honoured to be the 'temporary caretakers' of this fine bronze bust of Rhoda Mary Abbott's youngest son, Eugene. She continued to refer to Eugene as "my baby" for years after his death on Titanic. His body was not recovered. The work by "W.F." is extremely lifelike, considering the challenge of working only from photographs. It was exhibited at the Royal Academy circa 1914. We have it on a pyramid-shaped, Carrara marble pedestal. The wooden panel behind it is from sister ship RMS Olympic. It is flanked by our 1:2 scale Dining Saloon caryatids.

more about Rhoda and her sons...

Eugene Abbott

RMS Titanic victim

RMS Olympic First-class Dining Saloon
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