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Steve  Hurst standing in his nearly completed

entryway. The vintage ceiling fixture he's holding

will be mounted  above the clock.


Steve started with our 1:2 scale clock with architectural surround, and did all the additional pilasters and paneled woodwork himself. An impressive commitment beyond anything we've seen so far, and a beautiful result! Thanks for sharing with our collectors Steve.

Photo: Steve Hurst

Georgia, USA

Titanic collector, Adam Bathon, received the LAST original 21" bronze in this very limited edition. This edition of 19 pieces worldwide sold out some time ago, but Adam had his on reserve. (all that remains is the Artist's Edtion in the personal collection of Titanic sculptor, Alan St. George)

Photo:  by Adam Bathon

St. Louis, MO.  USA

A corner of Peter's collection.

"I absolutely love the clock. Your other items are spectacular as well, especially the large, complete set."

Photo: Peter Makres

Florida, USA