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Our collectors are what we are all about so we are featuring YOUR collections, exhibits, and whatever you would like to share here. Please join us!

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 Steve Hurst started with our 1:2 scale clock with architectural surround, and did all the additional pilasters and paneled woodwork himself. An impressive commitment beyond anything we've seen so far, and a beautiful result! Thanks for sharing with our collectors Steve.

"Thank you and I dont know what i would have done without your work , it sure has caught ALOT of attention !"

Steve Hurst

Georgia, USA

Our good friend, Thomas Lamote has been a loyal collector of our work from the beginning. He always makes such beautiful displays with care and attention that inspire. Here in his home is the Grand Staircase cherub head and the Dining Saloon god and goddess heads.

Thomas Lamote


Titanic collector, Adam Bathon, received the LAST original 21" bronze in this very limited edition. This edition of 19 pieces worldwide sold out some time ago, but Adam had his on reserve. (all that remains is the Artist's Edtion in the personal collection of Titanic sculptor, Alan St. George)

Photo:  by Adam Bathon

St. Louis, MO.  USA

A corner of Peter's collection.

"I absolutely love the clock. Your other items are spectacular as well, especially the large, complete set."

Photo: Peter Makres

Florida, USA

"...how I decided to display your masterpieces! I have both the clock and Cherub lamp elegantly displayed in my bathroom where they are always receiving compliments and I can always enjoy them first thing in the morning and just before I go to bed.  I will cherish these for the rest of my life and hopefully keep the cherub in the family for many lifetimes . Thank you so much Mr. St. George!"

Gavin Grier


Alan Rowland's

marvelous oak staircase

"...you did a great job and the pineapple finials and Titanic clock matched the staircase perfectly so I was really pleased about that.


The staircase was designed around a lot of features of the Titanic staircase, but I never thought I would have the opportunity to finish it off with replica finials and most of all a very detailed replica Titanic clock.


Facing the titanic clock I have my model of Titanic and other memorabilia relating to Titanic which I will take photos off and send to you so they can be put together with the staircase ones.


I am really pleased I managed to find your website which enabled me to finish off the staircase as to what it was intended.

Once again, Alan, thank you for a fantastic job."

Alan Rowland


JOHN WHITE is a longtime Titanic collector and co-owner of White Star Memories exhibitions along with David Scott-Beddard.



JOHN WHITE and DAVID SCOTT-BEDDARD are passionate longtime Titanic collectors and owners of White Star Memories exhibitions.




received our 1:6 scale clock with surround as

a birthday present from his wife, Diana:

"Dear Mr St George,

I gifted the clock to my husband today and he absolutely loved it and the lovely handwritten note from you. He spent the past few hours watching all your videos on YouTube and is amazed by you and your work. You have a beautiful house and hopefully we can visit it one day too and he can discuss his love for titanic with you. Thank you for making his birthday a memorable one! His friends are obsessed with titanic too and I’ll definitely be reaching out again when their birthdays are close. Have a lovely Sunday!"



is "gobsmacked"


with the 21" cherub lamp

"I love your masterpiece."

From SEAN HANKINS of Tampa, FL

"I wanted to share this photo of the formal sitting room in my home, furnished with the work of the very talented, Alan St. George. The bookcase on the left is topped with a small copy of "Diana of Versailles", which once graced the First Class Lounge. Next to her is the Steward Call Button from the same room (cast from an Olympic original). In the middle is a center newel post, as found on the Grand Staircase, topped with a pineapple finial cast from an Olympic original. This is flanked by dining room chairs from the set of James Cameron's film. The china cabinet displays a selection of liner memorabilia. I want to thank Alan not only for his brilliant work, but also for sharing his talent with our Titanic community!"

DADA HELIKOVA  of SLOVAKIA makes appearances on TV with a portion of her collection