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It is my joy to bring back the
lost art of the RMS Titanic
~ sculptor Alan St. George ~

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Our most popular clock
is back in stock

Olympic/Titanic balustrade ornaments

"The balustrade ornaments arrived today, another fantastic product from your shop!  The quality is great, it's lightweight, I love it! Only in my wildest dreams could I have imagined owning a cast of the balustrade. And thank you for preserving the Olympic in resin as well as making these pieces of art affordable. What a time to be alive!"


Patrick Parsons, USA


cast directly from our original balustrade

The lost art of Titanic's Grand Staircase is reborn through the work of sculptor Alan St. George
Alan St George the Titanic sculptor stands in front of his historically accurate replica of the RMS Titanic full-sized Honour & Glory Crowning Time with full architectural surround
Alan St. George resurrecting the goddess from Titanic's First-class Dining Saloon.
Thomas Lamote collector from France.

"I am happy happy happy...great job! What a great talent! 'Cameron's work next to you is not the same! Nothing to do with your more beautiful and identical to the orginial! Thank God! What luck your country and even the world to have you!!! This incredible artistic beauty!!! You are the best!!! What luck to hold this cherub! Thank you very much!"


Thomas Lamote, FRANCE

"I am super happy with all these Titanic pieces that I have received from you, especially the Bronze Cherub. Something that I never even thought of having in my Titanic collection!"


James Van Dusen, USA

Heiko Hesse collector from Germany.

"I received it today - the Large clock type. A great piece of history in an excellent replica. Thank you so much."


Heiko Hesse, GERMANY

Titanic sculptor Alan St. George's historically accurate replica of Honour & Glory

Alan St. George finishes the "Honour & Glory Crowning Time" figural panel. The complete full-sized architectural surround for it is expected to be completed in 2019. Nothing like this has ever been available before! The original size as on Titanic.  See more...

What collectors are saying...

"I received the box of clocks and pineapples. Words cannot express the beauty of these items! They match my RMS Olympic Oak Panel beautifully!"


Larry Robinson, Canadian Titanic Society

Mr. Larry Robinson collector from Canada.

"What an amazing piece of work. I gave this (large clock) to my wife as a birthday gift and she was utterly speechless. She is a Titanic fanatic, both the James Cameron's movie and historically. Since we've been married I have also become a fan and collector. We are turning our kitchen, entryway and breakfast nook into a memorial of sorts to the great ship. A few Christmases ago I got her a movie poster autographed by 14 actors, actresses, James Cameron and Celine Dion as well which hangs in our breakfast nook. We love this piece and hope to someday expand our collection with more created by you. Thank you so much! Take care and happy sculpting. :-)"


Cory Charpentier, USA

"Mr. St. George,

Thank you so very much for taking the time to respond to all of my emails. I would also like to thank you for the amazing work you have done on all the things you make, and for the clock (medium clock) I already bought from you. I cannot wait to display the cherub in our home. Best of wishes,"                 


The Griers  Gavin Grier, USA  (14 years old)

Our youngest collector...


"I just received my clock today, and I have to tell you it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen! I was very impressed by everything from the great packaging, to how easy it was to get the clock working, and how it looks and feels like real oak!! Absolutely astonishing! I really feel like I have a piece of Titanic in my hands here!" 


Jonathan Nering, USA

Titanic sculptor Alan St George and his finished full-sized bronze cherub lamp replica with 24 karat gold torch. The tiny scale model on the left was completed 8 months earlier to prepare for the large sculpture.
Image-1 copy.jpg

Want to see this clock and all of our Titanic sculptures In person? Come tour Havencrest Castle in Savanna, IL on special dates in May & October each year.

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