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Once bitten.

The RMS Titanic has gripped me once again! I always loved the movie, A Night To Remember, and in 1998 when my late wife, Adrianne, and I finally got to see James Cameron's Titanic (at home), we were inspired to give an elaborate Titanic-themed dinner at Havencrest Castle. The event took place on our 23rd wedding anniversary. Adrianne reproduced a good portion of the original First-class dinner menu (6 courses) and I remember it lasted 5 hours! One couple did not stay for the whole thing. (can't blame them)

Adrianne placed a 3 foot model of the ship in the center of the long table (20 guests) surrounded by beautiful flowers. At each place she put a replica of the Titanic's First-class dinner menu and a large piece of anthracite in an impressive display box. The guests were able to take these items home with them. In the background, we had the "And The Band Played On" music cd playing.

Around that same time I sculpted a 1/2 scale replica of the famous angels; "Honour and Glory Crowning Time" portion of the Titanic clock from the Grand Staircase landing. I always wished that I had sculpted the entire thing with all the architecture surrounding it. The architrave, pilasters, garlands, griffins, etc. It would have been a bit large in 1/2 scale. Well, I recently completed doing just that, but on a smaller scale so the finished sculpture is just the right size for any wall. Making the tiny details required tiny tools, and I eventually found that wooden toothpicks were just perfect! Here you can see the new Medium Titanic Clock architectural version nearly finished in clay, and in the upper right corner of the photo is my 1999 edition "Honour & Glory-only" version. If you are curious, the white object in the upper left corner is part of a sculpture I began years ago called "Marriage." The hand laying at its base is an artist's studio study. Now you know.

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