PAST Sculptures in progress

The crowning piece of the large architectural surround nears completion in July 2016. Alan St. George uses a magnifier to detail a final of the cherub capitals. . Photo references include shots taken by Mr. Daniel Smith of the UK. Mr. Smith photographed the RMS Olympic's  "Honour and Glory Crowning Time" at Southampton's Sea City Museum. A special 'thanks' to Mr. Smith for his work which has been invaluable to this project. The Olympic's clock in its present state has many layers of paint, so it is important to also use photos circa 1910 sans  paint. Since no light is better than daylight for detail work of this kind, and it is a lovely season, sculpting is being done on the front porch of the sculptor's home:  Havencrest Castle.

A look at the 51" clock surround model

A lovely July 2016 afternoon highlights the gardens of the artist's hilltop home. Close inspection will reveal sculpting is in progress on the front porch.

Titanic sculptor Alan St George works on his Grand Staircase Cherub pedestal. Carving out a great day with some of his favorite things: My dogs, my front porch, coffee, and making a new sculpture.

Carving out a great day...

Spending time on the front porch with my dogs on a beautiful day working on a new Titanic replica sculpture. Blessed!

Each side a different carving

A unique arrangement of fruits, flowers, and vegetables on all sides...just like the pedestals and newel posts on RMS Titanic/Olympic. Historical note: There were over 200 unique newel post facings on each of the sister ships!

Sculpting RMS Titanic's cherub lamp in miniature

Our newest and smallest version. Sculpted with the aid of additional photo references supplied by globally-recognized Titanic artist, Ken Marschall.

Models for the Grand Staircase newel post and balustrade await mold-making.

Sculpting RMS Titanic's Cherub Lamp
RMS Titanic's small bronze cherub reproductions

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Sculpting RMS Titanic's Honour and Glory

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