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(if you have our 1:2 scale Honour & Glory)

Now surround it and make it magnificent!

Corner detail of Alan St. George's largest Titanic clock with architectural surround.
Titanic clock griffins and cartouche.

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If you bought our 1:2 scale Honour & Glory Clock anytime between 1999 and now, you can get the complete architectural surround for it. Nothing like this has ever been available before! 1/2 size the original on Titanic.

Compare it to our "Medium Clock"  which is only 1/6 scale.


Each piece is keyhole drilled

Ready to hang on your wall.

 SEE our YouTube video showing 2 simple methods on hanging this clock:

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 You get ALL (4) surround pieces (no clock)

A look at the completed model

Titanic sculptor Alan St. George uses a magnifier to detail a cherub's head on the crowning piece of the the Grand Staircase clock architectural surround

The crowning piece of the large architectural surround nears completion. Alan St. George uses a magnifier to detail a final of the cherub capitals. . Photo references include the RMS Olympic's  "Honour and Glory Crowning Time" at Southampton's SeaCity Museum. The Olympic's clock in its present state has many layers of paint, so it is important to also use photos circa 1910 sans  paint. Since no light is better than daylight for detail work of this kind, and it is a lovely season, sculpting is being done on the front porch of the sculptor's home:  Havencrest Castle.


Titanic sculptor Alan St George's home Havencrest Castle in July 2016. A close inspection reveals the sculpture of the RMS Titanic clock in progress on the front porch.

A lovely July afternoon highlights the gardens of the artist's hilltop home. Close inspection will reveal that sculpting is in progress on the front porch.